National Day of Prayer
Cumberland, MD

"Prayer... America's Hope              THURSDAY, MAY 7ST 2009

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National Day of Prayer: Evening Rally
Wednesday May 5th 2010
7:00 pm Central Assembly Of God
Speaker: Bob Mortimer

A Night of Freedom Concert
‘Seventh Day Slumber’
‘The Afters’
Tuesday, May 4, 2009 – 6:00 p.m.
Allegany High School Auditorium
(Doors open at 5:30 p.m.)
Cost: $5.00 at Door only

National Day of Prayer Breakfast
Thursday May 6th 2009
8:00am Cumberland Holiday Inn
Speaker: Bob Mortimer
Please purchase tickets ($15.00) in advance*

National Day of Observance
Thursday May 6th 2009
Downtown Cumberland Mall

*For  More information on any of these events call (301)-697-6777



Bob Mortimer

More information is available at his website:


From :

At the age of 21, Bob Mortimer walked into a downed power line after a late night car crash. The electrocution resulted in the amputation of three limbs. A few years later Bob met Darla. She encouraged him to discover his real purpose in life through hope in Jesus Christ. They married in 1981. Bob and Darla founded Bob Mortimer Motivational Ministries spreading a message of Hope and Courage throughout the world. Darla loves being a homemaker and raising their three children. She also enjoys cycling with Bob. Together they have completed the STP and Cycle Across Washington. Their daughter, Nicole, is a nursing major at Northwest University. Her cycling credits include the 2006 STP and cycling across Idaho. She will be the team medical consultant. Grant is their 15 year old son. He is an eager bike tech. He completed the 2006 STP with his parents being one of the youngest finishers of the 2-day, 204 mile ride. When asked why he wants to ride the Hope and Courage Journey he says, “So my dad will never have to ride alone.” The youngest is Chanel. Her goal is to ride at least ten miles a day. Her job, besides being the ambassador of happy, will be to help the support crew during the journey.

From the Cumberland National Day of Prayer:

At the age of 13, Bob Mortimer found his father dead of a drug overdose, and fell into the same lifestyle.

After an auto accident in which he received no injuries, Bob lost three limbs as a result of an encounter with five downed power lines which caused 12,500 volts of electricity to surge through his body.  He endured six month of recuperation and rehabilitation, and returned to the only world he knew - drinking and drugs.

A triple amputee at twenty-five, he was invited to church, where he heard the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time.  When the invitation was given by the pastor, he rolled his wheelchair to the front of the church and repented of his party lifestyle and hard heart, and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

Bob travels around the country, speaking several hundred times a year to school assemblies, community organization, prisons, and churches, ministering with a message of hope borne out of horrible tragedy.

In 2008 Bob and his family cycles from Gig Harbor, Washington Statue of Liberty in New York City, crossing the United States to bring a message of "Hope and Courage Across America."

Bob wrote in his travel blog at the end of the trip: "Four months, a dozen states, and a couple of thousand miles after we left Gig Harbor we reached our destination.  The Statue of Liberty.  What have we learned? A lot. But I will condense it to two things for you now.  One... life is experienced in the journey, not the destination, and two... its not about the miles, its about the Message."

Bob will be participating in the Youth Event Tuesday evening, May 4th at Allegany High School.  He will be speaking at the community service at Central Assembly, 2020 Bedford St, on Wednesday, May 5th and at the Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, May 6th at the Holiday Inn.